The Kane family of Michael, Barbara and Dallas are pleased to represent you and your special occasion by providing our climbing walls and excellent customer service. Rock On Climbing Walls is a very special family run business that emphasizes offering the best product, safety and customer service in recreational climbing wall adventure. Michael, Barbara and Dallas have been involved in outdoor recreational service their entire lives. Michael and Barbara have previously owned and operated a whitewater recreational resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming named Lone Eagle.


Our Team - Dedicated, adventures people

A history of fun

This resort serviced over 200,000 thousand clients down the Snake River. Michael also received his Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism from the University of Utah in 2008 and is currently the acting General Manager of Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort near Zion National Park, specializing in rappelling and hiking slot canyons. Dallas, growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming quickly learned and grew to love the magnificence of river running, rock climbing and enjoying the vast outdoors. He actively worked as a recreation guide at Zion Ponderosa Resort for three years, specializing in ATV guiding and rock climbing. Currently, Dallas oversees the operational responsibilities of Rock On Climbing Walls, insuring walls are ready for use, delivered on time with qualified and professional staff to operate them. Barbara, handles all reservation calls, organizes schedules and money transactions.

As the Kane family, we understand the values of owning and operating a business that involves the service and dedication to our customers.