Mechanical bull- Available for rent along The Wasatch Front.

A mechancial bull is a unique way to make your next party, event, birthday or celebration fun and exciting. Have a friendly competition with your friends to see who is the best at riding the bull.

Our mechanical bull is brand new and top of the line. Using “hydrostatic controls, our bull offers the greatest range of bucking motions and flat spins that are realistic to an actual bulls movements. Riders of all ages can have fun riding the bull. For our smaller kids around age 3, we can do a nice and easy “trot”. The bull can get has exciting or tame as you like. At 1,200 lbs we have the biggest bull in Utah. He likes to play with riders after they fall on to our soft air bag so be ready for a kiss or a nudge depending on how he feels about you.


Local, insured rental company.

All of our staff are trained to provide a safe and thrilling experience for everyone. We understand that with an adventurous activity you want to make sure that your guests, friends, family members, and children need to have fun in a safe manner. All of our equipment is certified and inspected with each new on-location setup. We always arrive on time with our bull and are ready to ride at your requested times. Make memories that last a lifetime by renting our mechanical bull today.

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